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Why Can’t The New Pope Be A Woman?

Why Can't The New Pope Be A Woman?

White smoke has finally blown above the Sistine Chapel as bells rang at approximately 7 p.m. local time in Vatican City, signaling the choice for a new pope has been made. Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina will now be known as Pope Francis I. He is the first Jesuit and first Latin American to be appointed as pope, both of which are steps away from tradition for the Roman Catholic Church.

But what of other traditions? The prohibition of women being ordained as priests — and thereby disallowing the possibility of a female pope — is one many have been asking about during this papal election. So, why can’t there be a female pope? More »

Party Favors: The Pope Okays Male Prostitutes’ Condom Use

Party Favors: The Pope Okays Male Prostitutes' Condom Use

The Pope says condoms are okay as long as they’re being used by male prostitutes to prevent the spread of AIDS. – NY Times

A mother stopped her daughter’s wedding by taking passive-aggressive to a whole new level by calling in a bomb threat. – Lemondrop

This guy’s 42-year-old virgin girlfriend is afraid to have sex. After 42 years of abstinence, so would I. – YourTango More »

The Pope Misses Auntie Em

The Pope Misses Auntie Em

The Pope, constantly on the lookout for falling houses, is hoping his slippers will help him get back to Oz. This sounds like I’m insulting Catholics, somehow, but I’m really just alluding to the fact that they’re bright red. (Apparently they symbolize the blood martyrdom). That, and go Episcopalians, I guess. We’ve got some sassy loafers too. They’re all brown and you can put pennies in them. - Gawker More »