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I’m Afraid Of Explaining My Self-Harm To My Future Children

Iâm Afraid Of Explaining My Self-Harm To My Future Children

I have a problem I’m sure a lot of mothers and future mothers out there, fathers too, have, but no one is talking about. It’s a taboo subject in the first place. It caused a bit of a ruckus in a previous article I wrote for Mommyish. I’m sure one day I might expand on the very topic itself, but today I want to focus on it’s aftermath. I’m planning to become a mother, or, well, to become pregnant anyway, later this year. I won’t have to worry about this particular issue for quite some time. But one day, my kids are going to notice mommy’s body isn’t like everyone else’s. They are going to come to me, and they are going to ask me, “Mommy, how did you get all these scars?” More »

A Comprehensive Guide To Kim Kardashian’s Best & Worst Maternity Looks

A Comprehensive Guide To Kim Kardashian's Best & Worst Maternity Looks

Despite having given Kim an e-hard time with her wardrobe choices and never-ending cutouts, we are admittedly fascinated with these daily decisions she dons (I realize how hokey that alliteration sounded now that I’ve typed it, but it feels so appropriate here). Therefore, we are delivering you a review of all the oddities Kim Kardashian has worn while pregnant.

You know what I learned while making this little list? Some of her outfits were actually pretty nice! And that the ones that were bad were really, really bad. I learned that, too. Stay tuned for breast icicles, lacy cutouts and peplum pants! More »

We’ve Got To Stop Calling Kim Kardashian “Fat”

We've Got To Stop Calling Kim Kardashian "Fat"

Look, I am not really a fan of Kim Kardashian. I am not a fan of the Kardashians in general. I think they’re a bit in-your-face, much of the time, and I rarely think they say anything witty. And I am fine with snarking on them for that. But calling someone “fat” when they’re pregnant is just mean. It’s mean, and I think it’s damaging to women as a whole. And it’s definitely happening to Kim Kardashian. More »