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Gallery: Nerd Nite’s Best Pick-Up Lines

Gallery: Nerd Nite's Best Pick-Up Lines

We know that every single one of you would have loved to have been at Nerd Nite in Brooklyn last Friday. Because you would have learned about the history of illegal pinball! And Monopoly (ripped off from a secretary, a tale of betrayal)! And, oh, you could have done the Nerd Nite speed dating. If you couldn’t be there, don’t worry, we kept track of the 10 best nerdy pick-up lines, and recorded them here: More »

Gallery: What (Not) To Wear To Fashion Shows

Gallery: What (Not) To Wear To Fashion Shows

There seem to be a lot of articles telling you “what you should wear to fashion shows!” By fashion shows, I assume they mean New York Fashion week, which begins today. First of all, I’m glad we’re all going to fashion shows because we all live in the same town, and there are no other towns in the world, and we all participate in the same activities in that town (Fashion Week has come to the Village in The Prisoner, yay!) However, if you are going to the shows, you probably already know what you’re wearing. You’re wearing the outfit that looks good on you that you feel comfortable in. Oh, you don’t have one of those? Wear some skinny jeans, high heels and a blazer.

Unless you want to be awesome. In which case, you should wear one of the following: More »