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The Editors Debate: The ‘Two Princes’ Of Spin Doctors Fame

The Editors Debate: The 'Two Princes' Of Spin Doctors Fame

In honor of Princess Week at TheGloss, editors Jennifer Wright and Ashley Cardiff are arguing some pretty heady topics (like Princess Toadstool versus Princess Zelda). Today, they argue the titular princes of “Two Princes” by the Spin Doctors and which one the princess in question should marry. Video here if you need a refresher, but we’ve lovingly screen capped some of it. More »

Famous, Awesome Royal Mistresses Throughout History

Famous, Awesome Royal Mistresses Throughout History

Yesterday, we shared an incredibly stupid comment made by an anonymous feeler of feelings on whether or not men want to marry Kate Middleton. The opinion haver said: “If I was a prince I’d marry Grace Kelly or someone just beautiful like a fucking angel and then I’d have an insanely hot and stupid sidepiece for when my class-act princess wife won’t do gross stuff.” Which boils down to, when you’re a prince, you should have a beautiful, classy princess and a hot, stupid mistress. Something something Royal Wedding. Anyway. Here’s a gallery in honor of history’s best royal sidepieces. More »