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10 Lessons We Can Learn From The World’s Oldest Twin Prostitutes

10 Lessons We Can Learn From The Worldâs Oldest Twin Prostitutes

Louise and Martine Fokkens are 71 twin prostitutes. Since they started working more than 50 years ago, they’ve bedded a combined 355,000 men. Though they retired from the sex game last year, there’s probably nothing these two don’t already know about pleasing men. After all, these are twin prostitutes, twin prostitutes who still wear matching read outfits. Based on their interview with The Daily Mail, the Fokkens have a lot to teach us about sex and life in general. More »

Let’s Stop Insulting People By Comparing Them To Sex Workers (And Sluts!)

Let's Stop Insulting People By Comparing Them To Sex Workers (And Sluts!)

As you almost definitely know by now, Rush Limbaugh made waves last week with his ridiculously absurd characterization of women who want their insurance to cover their birth control as sluts and prostitutes who should be obligated to film pornos for him. This prompted a lot of people to demonstrate the incorrectness of this statement; the #iamnotaslut tweets, for example. This is all well and good, but third wave feminist that I am, I wondered: what about the people who are whores or sluts? Where does that leave them? More »

Real Talk: Would You Hire A Male Prostitute?

Real Talk: Would You Hire A Male Prostitute?

Last week, Marie Claire taught me yet another thing that I as a female need to dread: my hypothetical fiance (otherwise totally marriage material) might get goaded into sleeping with a prostitute at his bachelor party. Which is a total bum-out (and so we asked women if they, too, were bummed out by this). Anyway, I started wondering, why aren’t there any titillating exposes of women sleeping with male sex workers at bachelorette parties? Moments later, I realized the answer. But! It was still worth asking a bunch of ladies if they’d ever hire a gigolo. Answers ranged mostly from “No!” to “No and here’s why” but they all greed that yes, every living one of us would gladly pay to have sex with Richard Gere in American Gigolo. More »

Awesome Times We Have Been Catcalled

Awesome Times We Have Been Catcalled

We’re sort of part of the problem, really. We should probably gently chide men for treating us like pieces of meat when they catcall us. Instead, we keep flashing them the double thumbs up (like Fonzie!) Oh, fine, not all of them. Only some of them. Only these. Only the best ones. We give the rest only one thumb up, and sometimes we let it hover sideways for a while, like we’re judging gladiators. Here are the best catcalls the women of the B5 office has ever received: More »

Party Favors: If You Don’t Dance, You Ain’t No Friend of Mine

Party Favors: If You Don't Dance, You Ain't No Friend of Mine

One woman claims that a prostitute from Craigslist saved her marriage. Too bad they had to shut down the Adult Services section. – YourTango

Is it a dealbreaker if you’re dating a guy who doesn’t like to dance? – MyDaily

TV chef Giada de Laurentiis says that it’s important to downplay your success and treat your husband like a “king” in order to have a happy relationship. – Blisstree

Love Groupon, but wish it could be used for sex toys or porn? Meet Exotic Deals. – Vator

Being cute: great for puppies, maybe not so great for women trying to find a man. – Betty Confidential

A new study says that young people would rather get a compliment than have great sex or make money. – USA Today More »

Poll: Could You Forgive a Guy for Visiting a Prostitute?

Poll: Could You Forgive a Guy for Visiting a Prostitute?

Last week, the story of Charlie Sheen’s crazy, coked-up shenanigans with a prostitute gave the tabloids plenty of material. However, Sheen is far from the first celebrity to pay for sex. As The Frisky reminds us, Hugh Grant, Eddie Murphy, and Alex Rodriguez are among the famous men who have been linked to escorts. In some of those cases – Grant and Murphy – they were in relationships at the time with women who forgave them. Could you do the same, or is sleeping with a prostitute unforgivable? More »

Party Favors: Old Dudes Like Asian Chicks

Party Favors: Old Dudes Like Asian Chicks

The New York Times reported there is a new trend that old creepy retired white men are following: moving to Thailand to marry young Thai women. – Lemondrop

Five surefire signs the guy’s profile you’re looking at indicates he’s a true douchebag. – YourTango

Prostitution is slowly becoming more acceptable in Canada. Oh, Canada. – CBC News

More than THREE MILLION men in Britain admit to wearing make-up. – Daily Mail More »

Party Favors: The Title for ‘World’s Biggest Boobs’ is Now Vacant

Party Favors: The Title for 'World's Biggest Boobs' is Now Vacant

Brit boy band, JLS, is launching a safe sex campaign by selling condoms with their pictures on it. I’m not exactly sure if this is promoting safe sex or narcissism. – Sky News

Sheyla Hershey, the woman with the world’s biggest boobs, removed her 38M (!!) implants today after developing staph and strep infections. But if she is no longer the bearer of biggest boobs, who is? – Huffington Post

The German Communist Party sent pens that display a naked woman with just one click to young students. Damn Communists. – Crushable

Since the fallout of Craigslist’s adult services section, a new forum for prostitute reviews has emerged and the only way it’s getting away with promoting prostitution is by claiming all reviews as fictional. – TresSugar More »