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In Love and On ‘Survivor,’ Is It OK to Quit?

In Love and On 'Survivor,' Is It OK to Quit?

n last night’s episode of Survivor, two of the remaining players quit the game. The players, Kelly Shinn and NaOnka Mixon (pictured), are being widely scorned in the blogosphere. Since Survivor is a show about dealing with harsh circumstances, it’s usually expected that anyone who comes on the show knows what they will be dealing with: lack of food, harsh weather, and the like. As Reality Blurred’s Andy Dehnart points out, because of the way Survivor‘s contract is worded, Kelly and NaOnka will still be given spots on the show’s jury (the group of finalists who vote for the ultimate winner) despite quitting, and they will still get to to stay at a luxury hotel along with the other recently-voted-off candidates. There have been other Survivor contestants who have quit on previous seasons to face similar scorn and disdain, with a notable exception being Jenna Morasca, who returned for an all-stars season only to leave when her mother’s cancer took a turn for the worse. (Jenna, who had won her season of Survivor, got home just in time to be with her mother when she passed away.) More »