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Quiz: Can You Tell The Real Nail Polish Color Names From The Made Up Ones?

Quiz: Can You Tell The Real Nail Polish Color Names From The Made Up Ones?

Nail polish color names, amirite ladies? Anyone who takes more than a passing interest in nail polish knows that they can be a little bit over the top sometimes. And by “over the top,” I mean “named after the trashiest aspects of female-oriented culture, and sometimes random foods.” I’m not going to go so far as to call them anti-feminist, as some (like “pornstar”) are only offensive to the anti-porn brigades, and we can choose our choice, etc. I also think a lot of them are pretty tongue-in-cheek, because with names like that, you have got to be joking at least a little, right? Nonetheless, I think the people who name the nail polishes would agree that in an effort to capture people’s attention, they often turn to the ridiculous and the inflammatory. To illustrate my point, I made a quiz. Can you tell the real nail polish color names from the ones I made up? Answers are at the end! More »

Gallery: How To Tell If You’ve Been Legitimately Raped

Gallery: How To Tell If You've Been Legitimately Raped

What with all the controversy over “legitimate rape,” “forcible rape” and “rape-rape” as of late, it’s easy to get confused about whether or not you’ve been actually been raped in any real, water-carrying type of way. Thankfully, there are lots of old, rich white dudes who are willing to give you guidance on the subject. Since I know your feeble lady-brain is too dim to look things up on the Internet, I’ve compiled a a convenient guide to legitimate rape for all of your rape-evaluating needs. It’s drawn from court cases, cultural artifacts, and pearls of wisdom that have tumbled from Todd Akin and other conservatives’ mouths. You’re welcome! More »