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Miley Cyrus Is More ‘Fashion’ Than You Could Ever Be

Miley Cyrus Is More 'Fashion' Than You Could Ever Be

Like it or not, Miley Cyrus is on fire. A hundred million times more people clicked stories about her mind-numbing twerktroversy than stories about how we were maybe about to bomb Syria, and as far as I can tell, that “can’t stop” any time soon. This is bad for the obvious reasons, but also good, because she gets interviewed a lot, and in these interviews she says hilariously grandiose things about herself. More »

‘Lesbian,’ ‘Feminist’ And ‘Feminine’ Clash In Farrah Abraham’s Brain Soup

'Lesbian,' 'Feminist' And 'Feminine' Clash In Farrah Abraham's Brain Soup

As we have previously noted, Teen Mom/adult film star Farrah Abraham is confused about a lot of things, like contraception, the definition of “a porno,” and whether or not you should step to James Deen. (You shouldn’t.) Well, now we can add one more pile o’ confusion to the list: the confusion of not knowing the difference between three fairly common, fairly different words. More »