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Party Favors: In Case You Didn’t Know…

Party Favors: In Case You Didn't Know...

Important lessons from forgotten classic, What Is A WIFE. -The Hairpin

Another day, another offensive PETA ad. -DoubleX

Separated at birth: Justin Beiber and Rachel Maddow. -The Frisky

Probably not true: “Women who like casual sex hate other women.” -YourTango

Yes to polka dots! -Betty Confidential

I wish I had crazy hedges. -ShelterPop

See Lady Gaga do her mostly uninteresting drag thing to open the VMA’s. -Styleite

The ubiquitous I <3 NY bag goes luxe… in leather. -Refinery29

Off-site retro snap: Steven Meisel and Linda Evangelista, looking great. -StyleList

Technology sure is getting invasive. -The High Low

Jennifer Lopez and one of her Kohl’s bags. -The Budget Babe

Exfoliating is a non-negotiable part of your routine.” -Birchbox

Concerning vanity sizing. -YouBeauty

How to Debut Personal Style Changes: On TV, With Kathy Griffin

How to Debut Personal Style Changes: On TV, With Kathy Griffin

Anderson Cooper could wear a paper bag as clothing and he would still be the hottest news reporter on television.

Instead, he got new glasses. And he did what all of us should do when we make somewhat major changes to our everyday look: analyze it on the air with Kathy Griffin. For instance:

Anderson Cooper: “I look like Rachel Maddow.”

Kathy Griffin: “They’re shame-filled…they’re what you call your ‘indoor glasses.’” More »