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PM News: Raining Like There’s No Tomorrow? Here’s How To Dress For That.

PM News: Raining Like There's No Tomorrow? Here's How To Dress For That.

Raining like there’s no tomorrow? Here’s how to dress for that. -College Fashion

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Shopping Guide: 20 Not-So-Basic Umbrellas To Tough Out Rainy Days

Shopping Guide: 20 Not-So-Basic Umbrellas To Tough Out Rainy Days

Yesterday, our shopping guide was, apparently, a little too season pushy. While we were scouring the internet for nude shoes worthy of an outdoor cocktail party, it was pouring outside our window. Today, we’re being a little bit more realistic by rounding up cool, striking, interesting umbrellas. Granted, some people are the kind that always lose things like umbrellas or sunglasses or what have you, so if you’re one of them, maybe sticking with the cheapy $6 street vendor umbrellas is the way to go. If you’re a little more mindful of your things, however, a nice umbrella is a really good accessory: it keeps you dry, won’t break in a stiff breeze, and can be a cool personal touch. More »

10 Under $10: Hurricane Survival

10 Under $10: Hurricane Survival

It’s hurricane season, folks. Earl is already making his way down the East Coast and while he is going to be out there destroying rush hour and making the bottoms of our jeans all heavy and wet, we want to make the most of the rainy days ahead. Apparently rain boots don’t sell for under $10 anywhere, unless they’re fit for a child, so you’ll just have to make do of what we found for you to keep yourself busy when the torrential downpours begin. More »



Like, a lot. Not only does it wreak havoc with my hair, but it tends to make even the cutest outfit…not so much. Honestly, does anyone look cute when donning a plastic-looking jacket and an umbrella? Well, maybe. Check out … More »