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Reasons “The Boy” Belongs To Monica: A Textual Analysis

Reasons "The Boy" Belongs To Monica: A Textual Analysis

There is only one song, and that song is “The Boy Is Mine.” There is one answer: the boy belongs to Monica. Below, a breakdown of the secret messages and codes scattered throughout the music video that lead viewers to the same inevitable conclusion.

It goes without saying that these two women exist in a world without male agency. Mekhi Phifer’s first appearance shows him walking mute and dumbfounded past a parade of seductive women. He appears incapable of distinguishing one lady from the next, checking them out with equal intensity in turn; possibly he suffers from prosopagnosia, or facial recognition disorder. Whatever the case, he will clearly be unable to speak in his own defense. He can only cuddle whatever warm body is shoved into his arms or make kissy-faces at whatever reflective surfaces may be nearby. This is a matter that will have to be settled by women. More »