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Video: The ‘Real Housewives of SNL’

Video:  The 'Real Housewives of SNL'

All the women of Saturday Night Live gathered together last night for a “Women of SNL” special. In one hilarious skit, they impersonate the Real Housewives at a reunion special. The skit was hosted by the adorable, long-suffering host and mediator of the Real Housewives specials, Andy Cohen. Though, it is difficult to nail down exactly who’s who of the Housewives, I think I’ve figured it out: More »

Gallery: Here’s Your Chance To Smell Like Your Favorite Real Housewife & City

Gallery:  Here's Your Chance To Smell Like Your Favorite Real Housewife & City

In case Beverly Hills hasn’t gotten enough hype in the past 20 years, here’s another way to celebrate the infamous 90210 zip code: the city of Beverly Hills, in conjunction with JT Brands of Long Beach, will be releasing a “souvenir fragrance line” guaranteed to make you smell like a 90201 gal. Pam Danziger, a marketing expert, said, “When I think of Beverly Hills, I think of ground zero in conspicuous consumption lifestyle. Every city has souvenirs, so for Beverly Hills, why not some perfume? It makes sense.” Though not connected, this is reminiscent of Bond No. 9, which designs fragrances inspired by different New York City neighborhoods. More »