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Things You Can’t Do With Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

Things You Can't Do With Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

Everywhere you look this week you will find helpful articles designed to show you how to reuse the remaining turkey and relevant accoutrements you may have on hand after Thursday, as if Thanksgiving had never happened before (and as if you were not just going to make hot stuffing sandwiches until you ran out of gravy with which to reconstitute it). This is not a problem, necessarily; some of the articles are very good and who among us is too good for a new recipe (might I suggest this for the more literal-minded among you)? More »

Paula Deen’s Most Horrifying Deep-Fried, Butter-Drenched, Mayo-Smothered Recipes

Paula Deen's Most Horrifying Deep-Fried, Butter-Drenched, Mayo-Smothered Recipes

It’s Alert Day®, which the American Diabetes Association describes as “a one-day ‘wake-up call’ asking the American public to take the Diabetes Risk Test“! We’re doing our part by celebrating diabetes crusader Paula Deen, who made the world a little more safe for diabetes, then signed a multi-million dollar contract to conveniently profit off its treatment! Say what you want about ethics, Deen’s a shrewd business lady! To honor Deen, we searched her website for the most appalling recipes: all drenched in buttermilk and mayonnaise. There’s even a recipe for peanut butter cheese fudge (the secret ingredient is Velveeta!)!

Honorable mentions to the deep fried bagel sandwich and deep fried truffle cupcakes!
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