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Karen Elson Is A Retro Springtime Flower Goddess In Harper’s Bazaar UK

Karen Elson Is A Retro Springtime Flower Goddess In Harper's Bazaar UK

It’s officially spring, y’all! Birds are chirping, buds are opening, and today was the very first day this year I ventured outside without any fabric covering my legs. (The bottom two-thirds, anyway; it’s not leotard weather yet.) And it will grow even springier next month, which magazines shall celebrate with various spring-themed spreads! As a sucker for both spring and flowers, I do not tire of these kinds of photos, especially when they feature cool people like Karen Elson. She’s best known outside the fashion world as Jack White‘s ex-wife, but she’s also a musician in her own right, as well as a great model who’s been working in the industry for some time. And age 34, she’s getting more work than ever. This is hardly over the hill, but it’s still nice to see in such an age-ist industry. Click through to get psyched for spring by looking at Karen Elson wearing pretty clothes and flowers. More »