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Party Favors: Are You Unintentionally Ruining Your Relationship?

Party Favors: Are You Unintentionally Ruining Your Relationship?

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Party Favors: Bucket Lists Aren’t Only About Bungee Jumping And Skydiving

Party Favors: Bucket Lists Aren't Only About Bungee Jumping And Skydiving

What’s on your relationship bucket list? -YourTango

54% of American women prefer what? -Nerve

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Katy Perry’s Break-Up From John Mayer Gave Her The Strength To Deliver A Baby In A Living Room

Katy Perryâs Break-Up From John Mayer Gave Her The Strength To Deliver A Baby In A Living Room

By now you’ve probably heard the devastating reports that Katy Perry and John Mayer have broken up. All that public gushing and bull-riding has suddenly been rendered meaningless. Given their track record for breaking up and reuniting and breaking up and reuniting, I expect them to be spotted together approximately three hours from now. But in the meantime, it appears Katy is really embracing her new position as a strong, independent woman. Her single status has even given her the power to deliver babies in living rooms. Most women would just flaunt some revenge cleavage or get a cathartic haircut (perhaps in front of a crowd) to show how over their ex they are. But Katy Perry is like so much cooler than that. When she breaks up with someone, she assists in the birthing of a child. Tomato, tomato. More »

17 Celebrities Who Can Actually Behave Maturely Toward Their Exes

17 Celebrities Who Can Actually Behave Maturely Toward Their Exes

Valentine’s Day is coming up this Friday, so it’s time to talk about love. Specifically love that doesn’t exist anymore. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but sometimes life isn’t all Hershey’s kisses and jewelry from Jared. Sometimes couples break up. That includes celebrity couples. The great thing about them is that we get to witness how they behave to each other after they’ve split. There are two roads celebrities can take with their exes: the high road or the road that leads them to acting like immature babies. More »

Party Favors: The Secrets and Science Behind A Happy Relationship

Party Favors:  The Secrets and Science Behind A Happy Relationship

It’s a science: secrets to a happy relationship.  -YourTango

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Find A Date Today With TheGloss Dating

Find A Date Today With TheGloss Dating

Do your interests include “axolotls” and ”finding someone to mock the Kardashians with?”  You don’t need to go to our new dating page because you and I can be each others’ soulmates. However, the rest of you will want to check out  TheGloss Dating. It’s part of our new partnership with HowAboutWe – a dating site where people suggest actual dates to go on and then go on them, rather than filling out forms about whether or not they believe in dinosaurs (I do believe in you, apatosaurus! You can do it!)

We’re pretty sure that you can find some people on there who share your common interests, although our “how about we become axolotl farmers?” post isn’t generating all that much of a response. It’s still early though! Get on there, propose the weirdest date you’ve ever wanted to go on, and see if you can find anyone who shares your offbeat taste. More »