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Party Favors: Are You Unintentionally Ruining Your Relationship?

Party Favors: Are You Unintentionally Ruining Your Relationship?

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Party Favors: Bucket Lists Aren’t Only About Bungee Jumping And Skydiving

Party Favors: Bucket Lists Aren't Only About Bungee Jumping And Skydiving

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Katy Perry’s Break-Up From John Mayer Gave Her The Strength To Deliver A Baby In A Living Room

Katy Perryâs Break-Up From John Mayer Gave Her The Strength To Deliver A Baby In A Living Room

By now you’ve probably heard the devastating reports that Katy Perry and John Mayer have broken up. All that public gushing and bull-riding has suddenly been rendered meaningless. Given their track record for breaking up and reuniting and breaking up and reuniting, I expect them to be spotted together approximately three hours from now. But in the meantime, it appears Katy is really embracing her new position as a strong, independent woman. Her single status has even given her the power to deliver babies in living rooms. Most women would just flaunt some revenge cleavage or get a cathartic haircut (perhaps in front of a crowd) to show how over their ex they are. But Katy Perry is like so much cooler than that. When she breaks up with someone, she assists in the birthing of a child. Tomato, tomato. More »