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14 Body Image Resolutions You Should Have In 2014

14 Body Image Resolutions You Should Have In 2014

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Body positivity is a lot easier said than done. We’ve been socialized to be so critical of ourselves that our  insecurities tend to spiral out of control. We’re convinced that someone is actually paying attention to the hair on our knuckles or is disgusted by our crop top bearing a stomach that definitely doesn’t boast rock hard abs.
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Healthy New Years Resolutions In Order of How Likely You Are To Keep Them

Healthy New Years Resolutions In Order of How Likely You Are To Keep Them

The year of our lord two thousand and thirteen is about to end and when we ring in two thousand and fourteen, the people of the Gregorian calendar will resolve to change themselves to mutate into better beings. They are engaging in a ritual we call “New Year’s Resolutions.” Some will succeed, but most will fail, er, well maybe not fail but totally forget they resolved to do anything and go back to their old ways. More »

Remembering Last Year’s New Year’s Resolutions Two Weeks Before 2014 Begins

Remembering Last Year's New Year's Resolutions Two Weeks Before 2014 Begins

I had about a week and a half for each of the remaining resolutions before the clock would strike midnight on New Years Eve and I would have again failed to become the best version of myself.

The week that followed found me one cold pressed green drink away from a full blown mental break down on the elliptical, Shrugging Toward Bethlehem by Joan Didion teetering on the handlebars. More »

Party Favors: New Year’s Resolution: Keep New Year’s Resolutions

Party Favors:  New Year's Resolution: Keep New Year's Resolutions

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How Adopting An Adult Uniform Has Helped Me Grow Up

How Adopting An Adult Uniform Has Helped Me Grow Up

We measure our current selves against the ones we remember from this time last year with the hopes that we have become smarter, cooler, more attractive, more successful versions of ourselves. Usually during this reflection I find that my hair looks a little better and maybe I feel a littler wiser but often times there never seems to be any really tangible, easily articulable evidence of growth… until this year. More »

Illustrated Guide: How To Stick With Your New Year’s Resolution And Actually Lose Weight

Illustrated Guide: How To Stick With Your New Year's Resolution And Actually Lose Weight

So, it’s late January. As such, one’s dedication to one’s New Year’s resolution has begun to waver. You see the herds thinning at the gym, the extra straws at the juice counter. People are losing their resolve. Their meat/dairy/gluten-banning, raw-food hoovering, high protein, low glycemic and all around extreme diets have turned out to be… unrealistic.

That’s why I’ve decided to step in and help! More »

I Hate Your New Year’s Resolution

I Hate Your New Year's Resolution

Oh, you’re going to sign up for a gym membership? That’s awesome. Wow, you’re giving up dairy and wheat so you can lose 20 pounds by Thursday? Congratulations. I’m sure there’s some kind of award for tha-oh, my resolution? Um, I’m going to be healthier or whatever. Yeah. That sounds good. No, I’d totally love to go to your core-energizing marathon Bikram Pilates class with you tonight, but, um, I just agreed to this volunteer thing. More »