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Dear Abby Advice Columnist Dies – Here Are Some Of Her Best Pieces Of Advice

Dear Abby Advice Columnist Dies - Here Are Some Of Her Best Pieces Of Advice

Pauline Phillips, the woman behind the Dear Abby advice column, died today at the age of 94 after a long battle with Alzheimer’s. The column will continue, written by Pauline’s daughter, Jean. Pauline told TMZ:

“I have lost my mother, my mentor and my best friend.”

She adds, “My mother leaves very big high heels to fill with a legacy of compassion,commitment and positive social change. I will honor her memory every day by continuing this legacy.”

We look back on some of Dear Abby’s best pieces of advice: More »

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Shooting Victim’s Last Blog Post Heartbreakingly Sad

'The Dark Knight Rises' Shooting Victim's Last Blog Post Heartbreakingly Sad

Two months ago, sports blogger Jessica Redfield witnessed a shooting in Toronto’s Eaton Centre shopping mall. The experience, as I think it would with any of us, caused her to reflect on how precious and fleeting life is. Last night, Jessica Refield went to the Batman screening in Colorado. A 24 year old gunman began shooting 15 minutes into the movie, and Jessica was killed along with 11 other people (50 were wounded). The event seems too stunning and awful for us to find much substantial to add to it (our discussion has largely been limited to “why would someone do something like that?”) but I will say that if you want to have your heart broken, read Jessica’s last blog post regarding the Toronto shooting. In it she writes: More »

Twitter Roundup: Celebrity Reactions To Steve Jobs’ Death

Twitter Roundup: Celebrity Reactions To Steve Jobsâ Death

This is a post from our sister site, Crushable.

RIP Steve Jobs. He was truly a visionary, and he forever changed our understandings of technology. So much of his innovative work is forever embedded in pop culture—in fact, most people heard of his death after a long battle with pancreatic cancer over one of his inventions.

His impact was so universal that a bevy of celebrities commented on his passing over Twitter. Read on to see who sent out digital love to this tech pioneer. More »

Pictures Of Amy Winehouse Looking Fantastic

Pictures Of Amy Winehouse Looking Fantastic

Amy Winehouse died this weekend, and I was a sad to hear some people respond “yes, well, you just had to look at her to know that was coming.” I was sad not from a deep place of “you can’t know what someone is going through just by looking at them.” I was sad from a really shallow place because there were times when, before her battle with drugs, Amy Winehouse looked terrific. I hate to think that people will just remember her looking beat up and blistered. So. Here is Russell Brand’s tribute:
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Bad Publicist E-Mail : The Bird Killing Device

 Bad Publicist E-Mail : The Bird Killing Device

Once and a while we get an e-mail where we’re like “wow, this publicist really knows who TheGloss reader is. Bird killers. A whole bunch of bird killers.” When I think of you, I think of women (and some men) who like to read about fashion, and beauty, and bird killing. So this e-mail is for you! I’m blotting out the name of this handy device, less for “esthetics” than for some lingering playground induced sense that I ought not tell on them, but the e-mail runs as follows: More »

RIP, Prince Chunk

RIP, Prince Chunk

The living embodiment of a LOLcat, 44-pound feline Prince Chunk passed away at his home in New Jersey. The cat, whose legendary girth came just shy of a world record, had heart disease and was about ten years old. We’ll miss you, little big guy. More »

RIP Paul The Octopus

RIP Paul The Octopus

Remember Paul the Octopus, the cephalopod who correctly predicted the World Cup winners? Sure you do. He said that Spain was going to beat Germany. Don’t worry – German fans didn’t kill him (though it was a serious concern for a while there). More »