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Avengers Wed Bed Dead: Iron Man’s Facial Hair Is Kind Of A Dealbreaker

Avengers Wed Bed Dead: Iron Man's Facial Hair Is Kind Of A Dealbreaker

This week, we’re playing with a new trio of superheroes (as opposed to that other one)–we’ll be debate the eligibility of Avengers Iron Man (played by Robert Downey Jr.), Hulk (played by Mark Ruffalo) and Thor (played by Chris Hemsworth). None of them seem like great husbands, so your options are limited to marrying Ironman for his money, Hulk for his disinterest in socializing or Thor… because giant hammers are hilarious. More »

Party Favors: If Your Dog’s Bed Is Ugly, Make A New One

Party Favors: If Your Dog's Bed Is Ugly, Make A New One

Using a basic wooden palett for pretty much everything. -The Hairpin

Another interesting Target collaboration is on the horizon. -ShelterPop

Robert Downey Jr. is expecting. Well, not him. -YourTango

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Pippa Middleton, on-trend in a maxi look, can be mimicked affordably. -College Candy

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Common foundation problems and how to fix them. -Birchbox

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Kate, Amber and Shalom are tweed-wearing milkmaids. -StyleList

Shoes! …DV by Dolce Vita‘s fall lookbook. -The Budget Babe

You could be consuming sugar without even knowing it. -You Beauty

Gallery: 10 Reasons Why No-Shave November Should Not Exist

Gallery: 10 Reasons Why No-Shave November Should Not Exist

Both women’s and men’s health awareness is important. Finding a cure for prostate cancer is just as important as finding a cure for breast cancer and people should be aware of that. But here’s the problem: No-Shave November as the awareness campaign for men’s health, is not the way to do it. Facial hair (and I mean, thick, bushy, itchy facial hair … scruff is ok to an extent) is nasty. And what’s even worse is when guys who have difficulties growing facial hair try and practice no-shave November. No one likes to see patchy peach fuzz on a grown man. More »

Look of the Day: Juliette Lewis

Look of the Day: Juliette Lewis

Often nuttily-dressed actress/singer/oddball Juliette Lewis showed up to the Due Date premiere and showed people how it’s done. Although the look is not for everyone, she’s pretty amazing in this cascading one-shouldered gown. The pale pink is gorgeous on her, the ruffles are visually striking without overwhelming her or the dress, she’s in fantastic shape, has great posture, and her relaxed shag with fringe-y bangs looks More »