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Party Favors: In Love, There Are No Do-Overs

Party Favors: In Love, There Are No Do-Overs

A Montreal middle school teacher has been fired after giving students a multiple-choice exam that involved questions about penis sizes and anal sex. Mon dieu!Gawker

Should you ever re-date an old love and other questions about “love do-overs.” – Lemondrop

Men in Uganda are being encouraged to take a “sex strike” as a way to enact political change. This will finally answer the question “Would Lysistrata work for dudes?” – Creative Loafing

How to flirt like a nerd. – The Frisky

What makes birds gay? Your dad might say it’s just a sinful choice, but scientists say it’s the amount of mercury in the air. Well, considering Mercury wore those gay winged shoes, it’s no wonder. – MSNBC

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