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Poll: Was Venus Williams’ Wimbeldon Playsuit Really That Bad?

Poll: Was Venus Williams' Wimbeldon Playsuit Really That Bad?

No Venus! blasts The Daily Mail, calling Venus Williams’ Wimbeldon look “ghastly” and a “fashion disaster” all in one exceptionally wordy headline. Not that the Mail‘s writers are ever arbiters of reasonableness (or good taste), but apparently Venus is taking a lot of criticism for her outfit on the court. Now, it may not move terrifically (see left) and it’s not the most flattering romper I’ve ever seen but frankly: the woman is a professional athlete. If she can play tennis in it, doesn’t the outfit satisfy its purpose? More »

Shopping Guide: 17 Easy Rompers For Better Weather

Shopping Guide: 17 Easy Rompers For Better Weather

I was a diehard romper hater for years. Then I tried one on and couldn’t believe how flattering they were. That said, fit is crucial… unless you want to end up looking like a little kid (and I still kind of cringe when boutiques refer to them as “playsuits”). Anyway, if you’re a romper holdout, I respect that. But if you’ve always been a fan (or crossed over, like me) here’s a bunch of rompers fit for many occasions involving Spring. More »

Photoshop of Horrors: What Happened To This Victoria’s Secret Model’s Thighs?

Photoshop of Horrors: What Happened To This Victoria's Secret Model's Thighs?

Most of us are pretty used to seeing Victoria’s Secret models with no thighs to speak of, but this is just off-putting. Turns out, if you’re looking for “beach linen rompers” on the company’s website, you’ll be confronted with this alien creature from a planet of wide-hipped, spindly-legged, romper-wearing beings. When will big brands like Victoria’s Secret (and Ralph Lauren and Ann Taylor and H&M) learn that no one finds this appealing? And didn’t VS just pull this chicanery? More »