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Politician’s Wife Comes Under Fire for Hosting Sex Toy Parties

Politician's Wife Comes Under Fire for Hosting Sex Toy Parties

Have you ever been to a sex toy party? They’re basically like a Mary Kay or Pampered Chef party – a bunch of women go to someone’s house, get a little tipsy, snack on some appetizers, and learn about a line of products, which they can then buy if they want. The only difference with a sex toy party is that you can buy vibrators and scented massage oil instead of kitchenware or lipstick. (Side note: I have been to two of these sex toy parties, and both were bridal showers. And one was in the South, in a state where “marital aids” are legal.) However, a woman in Connecticut is coming under fire for hosting some of these parties, which she states “help educate women about their sexuality.” Why is it a big deal? Because this woman, Ronell Searles, is married to Jon Searles, who is running for Connecticut’s state senate. More »