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Ready-To-Click: The Other Hugely Successful McQueen Exhibit

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Germany Gets In On The Whole ‘Royal Wedding’ Thing

Germany Gets In On The Whole 'Royal Wedding' Thing

And there was a horse drawn carriage! And a flower crown! And…tophats. Oh, the tophats.

Who are these beautiful mascots of old timey civic pride? Prince Georg Friedrich Ferdinand of Prussia, great-great-grandson of Kaiser Wilhelm II(!) and Princess Sophie of Isenburg. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, they were relatively unknown prior to the wedding, but that’s not going to stop the German people from putting down their cabbage and Nietzsche for a second to celebrate the fact that the ol’ Kaiser’s bloodline is still kicking/marrying. In a purely ceremonial, non-Second-Reich-y sort of way, of course. Here are some pretty pictures. More »