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It’s Time To Start The Slut Revolution

It's Time To Start The Slut Revolution

It’s time that we take back the word, “slut.” Rush Limbaugh, in his efforts to degrade and silence women by calling them sluts, has actually done us all a huge favor. For an entire week women’s rights have been at the forefront of media and social networks, as females everywhere express their outrage. The event triggered passion and emotion in women who would normally remain passive and silent, and it has inspired a fresh wave of feminism that can change our world and society. In addition, he has done this during March, which is considered “Women’s History Month.” It is almost like he was actually trying to do us a favor. More »

Let’s Stop Insulting People By Comparing Them To Sex Workers (And Sluts!)

Let's Stop Insulting People By Comparing Them To Sex Workers (And Sluts!)

As you almost definitely know by now, Rush Limbaugh made waves last week with his ridiculously absurd characterization of women who want their insurance to cover their birth control as sluts and prostitutes who should be obligated to film pornos for him. This prompted a lot of people to demonstrate the incorrectness of this statement; the #iamnotaslut tweets, for example. This is all well and good, but third wave feminist that I am, I wondered: what about the people who are whores or sluts? Where does that leave them? More »

The Editors Discuss: Rush Limbaugh

The Editors Discuss: Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh is rightly in trouble over some truly terrible comments he made about a woman named Sandra Fluke. Limbaugh has been pulling this kind of shit for years but, if we remember our Nietzsche, us bloggers should recognize something about monster hunting and looking into an abyss. Maybe? Editors Jennifer Wright and Ashley Cardiff don’t really remember their Nietzsche because we tossed out all our birth control and replaced it with OxyContin. Let’s do this. More »