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The Aisle New York’s Flash Sale Scam

The Aisle New York's Flash Sale Scam

New flash sale sites are popping up these days as quickly as all the pretty flowers this Spring. But just as much as those flowers are giving me terrible allergies and making me want to stay inside at all times, flash sales often make me want to run in the other direction.

For starters, flash sales tap into all of the guilt, emotional turmoil and joy involved in shopping and then turn up the dial with a clock quickly ticking away, forcing you into impulse purchases of often very expensive items. Then there’s the competition of other shoppers frantically clicking away at the products you actually want, threatening to sweep them out of your grasp if you take too long to hit the purchase button.

It’s all a great way to get shoppers to spend money. But it’s not always great for the people doing the purchasing. And the prices on these sites are not always the bargain they claim. Take the above example. Why would you spend $99 on a purse that retails for $55? More »

American Apparel Might Have Class, and We Love Oreos

American Apparel Might Have Class, and We Love Oreos

Last night, we went to a late-night sale at American Apparel, hoping to find some hipsters to publicly ridicule. But instead, we were confronted with a lovely spread, and quickly found ourselves in the dressing room trying on shirts and hoodies that we didn’t need.

It was a shock to us all, but we find ourselves arriving at the same conclusion we’ve arrived at in weeks past: maybe, American Apparel is growing up and learning some class. More »