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Jumpsuit Showdown: Sarah Jessica Parker’s Sleek Black Vs. Vanessa Hudgens’ Sparkly Cream

Jumpsuit Showdown: Sarah Jessica Parker's Sleek Black Vs. Vanessa Hudgens' Sparkly Cream

I am an unabashed fan of (almost) all things one-piece. From jumpsuits at work to strange backward rompers to simple black and white pieces, I think combining your top and bottom into one garment can look really wonderful. Last night, both Sarah Jessica Parker and Vanessa Hudgens opted for evening jumpsuits on the red carpet. Both looked great, in my opinion, but whose worked best? More »

Red Carpet Rundown: The 2013 Met Gala Best Dressed List

Red Carpet Rundown: The 2013 Met Gala Best Dressed List

The 2013 Met Gala took place last night and it was all our worst fears realized interesting! While the theme–PUNK: Chaos to Couture–was largely ignored, it was still observed enough (and hilariously misunderstood) to slip up many attendees.

Since this isn’t a typical red carpet, our criteria for the Met Gala Best Dressed list is thus: in order to make the list, attendees had to (at least) allude to the theme while simultaneously looking like themselves. The best looks were a little off, or more than a little. More »