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Poll: Lou Eyrich’s Head Tattoos – How Do You Feel?

Poll: Lou Eyrich's Head Tattoos - How Do You Feel?

I feel like this look, being sported by Glee costume designer Lou Eyrich, is kind of wispy and interesting and actually beautiful. I mean, most of the time hair is just hair, you know? Just kind of one color and annoying, always getting in your eyes and out of place and such. This way you could make all the patterns perfect. No more bad hair days! Until I realized you’d have to shave your head every day to keep it perfect, and I can barely shave my knees. But I suppose if you let your hair grow out then blam! wham! no more tattoo. So many choices! TOO MANY. Here is a poll: More »

My Dandruff, Myself

My Dandruff, Myself

I’m sitting in the chair in my taxidermy-adorned hair salon waiting to get the dye painted onto my hair for my four-times-a-year highlights, when my hairdresser lifts up my hair and inspects the underside of my scalp. “You didn’t get this taken care of?” she asks, clearly disappointed in me. More »