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Anthony Weiner’s Sexting Friend Sydney Leathers Might Do Porn Now Because Of Course She Might

Anthony Weiner's Sexting Friend Sydney Leathers Might Do Porn Now Because Of Course She Might

Remember yesterday when I said that despite being shot in an intentionally unkind way by The New York Post and served up to internet misogynists on a silver platter labeled “Hot Or Not,” Anthony Weiner‘s sexting buddy Sydney Leathers was going to have the last laugh? Turns out I was referring to the kinds of laughs you get from being in porn. More »

Anthony Weiner’s Sexting Pal ‘Sydney Leathers’ Did A Bikini Photo Shoot For The New York Post

Anthony Weiner's Sexting Pal 'Sydney Leathers' Did A Bikini Photo Shoot For The New York Post

Unless you’ve been living under a rock with no internet, you know that Sydney Leathers is not, in fact, the doorman at an exclusive gay BDSM club, but the woman to whom Anthony Weiner most recently sent pictures of his penis (that we know of). She is disgusted by “Carlos Danger” and his sext-scandal-having ways, but apparently not too disgusted to do a sexy bikini photo shoot for the official newspaper of classy people, The New York Post. More »

5 Scandalous Facts About Hugh Hefner’s New Girlfriend, Shera Bechard

5 Scandalous Facts About Hugh Hefner's New Girlfriend, Shera Bechard

So, Hugh Hefner’s engagement to Crystal Harris got called off roughly half an hour ago and the old dog already has a new girlfriend, bunny Shera Bechard (which he confirmed via Twitter yesterday: “Shera is both our November 2011 Playmate & my new girlfriend”). We learned five facts about his new squeeze (partially taken from the Hollywood Reporter) and were shocked at HOW SCANDALOUS THEY WERE. More »

Party Favors: Using Pseudo-Science For Evil

Party Favors: Using Pseudo-Science For Evil

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Gallery: Celebrities Who Need a Scandal

Gallery: Celebrities Who Need a Scandal

Celebrity scandals are awesome. They’re great conversation starters and just good old fashion entertainment. I love me a DUI arrest or a pregnancy out of wedlock because well, it makes celebrities real and vulnerable. They’re just like us! But some celebs tend to burn out their scandal privileges and it just makes them sad. I’m tired of Lindsay in rehab. I’m tired of everyone all up in Britney’s business. I’m especially tired of hearing about Ashton and Demi. What I’m looking for is a celebrity that I actually like to dip his or her toes in the hot waters of immorality. I’m not asking for said celebrity to ruin his or her career. I just want to hear that James Franco ISN’T perfect. But I won’t ever hear that and so he will forever remain a flawless, talented, beautiful and brilliant artist. But I have a few more plausible ideas of who we should let their hair down, step into the spotlight and maybe do some cocaine. And get caught. More »