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Christian School Claims Their Bigoted Letter Wasn’t Just About Sunnie Khale’s Hair

Christian School Claims Their Bigoted Letter Wasnât Just About Sunnie Khaleâs Hair

I’m not a very religious person. I’m not sure I believe in God per se, but I do know that if there is a God who watches over us and keeps tabs on everything we are doing and cares deeply about our actions and all of that stuff, he really, truly, one gazillion per cent does not give a shit about what type of hairstyle we have. On God’s big list of worries about the world and its inhabitants, women and girls having short haircuts is not placed between his laundry list of concerns, between serial killers and the threat of nuclear war. More »

My Daughter Is ‘Cool’ And That’s Way Better Than Being ‘Popular’

My Daughter Is âCoolâ And Thatâs Way Better Than Being âPopularâ

Popularity is as confusing as an Excel spread sheet these days. No longer is it about just the students, it’s about logistics too. My ten-year-old daughter, who goes to an all girls school, explained to me for more than twenty minutes what “popular” means at her school. I had so many questions, and I was stunned at how “popular” now works in these modern times. I asked her if the teachers were aware of this, and she said, “No. You can’t tell them!” I promised I wouldn’t. But I told her I was writing about it. More »