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An Open Letter to Stephenie Meyer About ‘The Host’

An Open Letter to Stephenie Meyer About 'The Host'

So I just got finished reading your 2008 novel The Host. Which, according to the promo copy, is your first book aimed at adults. So was I expecting it to be leaps and bounds better than the drivel that was the Twilight Saga? No. Was it? No. But I can say this, Stephenie Meyer: you are not, as many in the literary world would like to believe, a wholly shitty writer. You’re really not. You have some good ideas and, obviously, some incredibly marketable ones. Your plots are so compelling that otherwise self-respecting readers like me will plow through four ridiculously long books full of middle-school-level language just to find out what happens between Bella and Edward and Jacob. More »

Shop in 3D

Shop in 3D

Get this: Forget Black Friday or Cyber Monday – now we can spend the month of December shopping in 3D! For the month of December, InStyle magazine has gone 3-D! Here’s how it goes: You start by checking out the … More »