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20 Surprisingly Stylish, Cool Pieces From Uncool Places

20 Surprisingly Stylish, Cool Pieces From Uncool Places

A very illuminating conversation recently took place at Gloss HQ–we won’t name names, but several staffers actually own Aerosoles. And they love them! This revelation made us wonder, “What other cool things are we missing from uncool places?” Surely there’s some manufacturer of mom jeans making killer high waisted styles or some forgotten embarrassing mall brand that churns out the occasional awesome dress?

Which brings us to our shopping guide: we found 20 stylish pieces in some pretty uncool places (or at least ones in need of rebranding). Take a look and then tell us what brands you’re embarrassed to love in the comments. More »

Party Favors: Down Memory Lane With Sears

Party Favors: Down Memory Lane With Sears

Things you could have bought from Sears in 1973. -The Hairpin

The first shot of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. -The Frisky

Recovering from the death of an ex. -College Candy

This person doesn’t love her husband, needs advice.  -YourTango

Gwyneth Paltrow adds another hyphen. -ShelterPop

An expert’s guide to everything you need for a perfect brow. -Birchbox

I absolutely love this loose, romantic side braid. -Refinery29

Michelle Trachtenberg (or “Dawn” as I like to call her) mixed stripes and leopard print. -The Budget Babe

Jersey Shore‘s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is now designing formal wear. Sigh. -Styleite

Bright, bold lipstick can be a loyal friend. -YouBeauty

eBay has discovered another way to make you buy stuff. -The High Low

Fragrances fit for summer. -Betty Confidential

Speaking of fragrance, Kelly Rowland snagged a campaign. -Poshglam

Daily Flyer

Daily Flyer

Now you can come to Shopaholics Daily to find all the sales and promotions available online and this is what I found for you today! Lush… how do you feel about winning a trip to Las Vegas? Details are here! … More »