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New Dove #ChooseBeautiful Ad Shames Women Who Don’t Choose To Feel Beautiful

New Dove #ChooseBeautiful Ad Shames Women Who Donât Choose To Feel Beautiful

Imagine this scenario: you’re on your way to a store or restaurant to catch up on some shopping or grab a cup of coffee. But over the doors to the place you’re trying to go, you see a pair of labels, one that says “Beautiful” and the other that says “Average”. You have to pass through one of them if you want to go buy that pair of jeans or chug that mocha latte. Oh, and the company that put them there? It did that because it’s worried you don’t have enough self-esteem. More »

5 Body Love Rules I’m Teaching My Kids

5 Body Love Rules I'm Teaching My Kids

Instilling confidence in kids and teaching them to love and respect their bodies when the world gives them so many reasons to do the opposite is tough. I’m an eating disorder survivor, so body image is an exceptionally tricky subject for me, but also something I’m extremely passionate about. Here are some things I’m teaching my kids to help them love their bodies. More »