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Party Favors: Prince William’s Hypothetical Future Mistresses

Party Favors: Prince William's Hypothetical Future Mistresses

Screw the royal wedding – it’s all about guessing who future royal mistresses might be. – Dumb As a Blog

If you’re still new to the world of sexting, have no fear: here’s a primer on how to do it. – YourTango

There’s a disease that makes some men sick right after they have sex. It’s an allergy to their own semen. Yes, you read that correctly. – AOL Health

Too tired to get it on? These tips will keep you from passing out halfway through sex. – Betty Confidential

Some couples spend Valentine’s Day at a bed and breakfast or an expensive restaurant. And some people go to White Castle. – Consumerist

More brilliance from Jersey Shore: you should wear a “mind condom” if you think you’re being fucked in the head. – The Frisky More »

The Top 5 Foods You Don’t Want Your Fella to Consume Before You Give Him Oral

The Top 5 Foods You Don't Want Your Fella to Consume Before You Give Him Oral

Not too long ago I was performing the act of fellatio or, less eloquently, I was giving head. I had given oral to this particular person several times, and there had never been a problem. However, during this one particular incident there was a mild issue: his cum. Yes, his cum, his man juice, semen, ejaculation, whatever one wants to call it was absolutely foul and rancid. I was shocked; this had never ever been an issue. To quote Samantha from Sex and the City, “it’s never been a trip to Baskin Robbins,” but this particular, er, flavor was one for the record books. Having the type of relationship I have with this person, one of open communication and any chance to ridicule each other, I told him. When I did, a realization was made: asparagus. More »