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Sex and the Sixties Girl: Learning—And Looking Stupid in the Process

Sex and the Sixties Girl: LearningâAnd Looking Stupid in the Process

Helen Gurley Brown perhaps embraces nothing as much as she does self improvement; throughout Sex and the Single Girl, she regales us with examples of those activities we could and should be doing, reminding us that a woman who doesn’t have a family to tend to and care for “has all day Saturday to whip up a silly, wonderful cotton brocade tea coat” and pointing out that we can “read Proust, learn Spanish” and “study Time, Newsweek and The Wall Street Journal. “ She mentions her friend Laura, who “tackled Clifton Fadiman’s recommended list of books” and another pal, Betty, who took up oil painting, which “transformed her previously dull weekends into a Gauguin-like fiesta.” More »

Sex and the Sixties Girl: The Weight of Water

Sex and the Sixties Girl: The Weight of Water

“How about it? Fancy a surf?” The Australian man stood in front of a rustic beach shack, the sun glinting off his perfectly tanned muscles and long blonde hair.

Despite the pretty sight, I knew exactly how to answer that question: with a quick shake of the head followed by a tale of how I saw Jaws when I was five years old and the fear it generated in my young, fragile psyche caused me not only to avoid oceans for the next decade but also to quiver in the face of pools, bathtubs, and, on occasion, toilets. More »