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Author Of Esquire‘s Megan Fox Profile Would Like You To Know Which Famous Women Aren’t As Hot As Megan Fox

Author Of Esquire's Megan Fox Profile Would Like You To Know Which Famous Women Aren't As Hot As Megan Fox

As we mentioned, noted bombshell Megan Fox has the cover and corresponding interview of this month’s Esquire. In previews, the piece had already made the rounds for douchey quotes: Megan compares being famous to being bullied, yet still doesn’t see why people would rather spend their sympathy on those without mansions and Bentleys. Now, the full profile has made it online and intrepid bloggers have finally managed to read it. Turns out, the whole thing is about as fun as sticking pins in your eyes. More »

Party Favors: Shakira’s Breakup Kit

Party Favors: Shakira's Breakup Kit

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