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AM News: How To Wash Your Hair Properly

AM News: How To Wash Your Hair Properly

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Life Without Shampoo: Week One

Life Without Shampoo: Week One

Last week, I wrote about my curiosity with the “no-shampoo” movement, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: folks who are eschewing shampoo, in favor of a more natural approach. People are skipping the sudsy stuff for a number of reasons, including a desire to be more eco-friendly, and concerns over the potentially-harmful chemicals often used to create lather and make it smell good. I gave it up just to see if the hype was worth it, and to see if it could work for someone who was active (read: sweaty).

Going shampoo-free doesn’t require many special ingredients–in place of “shampoo”, I used baking soda and water mixed together in a travel-sized bottle. The “conditioner” recommended is a mix of apple cider vinegar and water. Over the course of the week, I spent probbably 30 cents on supplies, had to re-make my products just once, and washed with them 4 times. It’s definitely an inexpensive approach. More »