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Party Favors: You Really Don’t Have To Make Things So Complicated, Avril Lavigne

Party Favors: You Really Don't Have To Make Things So Complicated,  Avril Lavigne

How much sharing is too much? Hint: Not everyone feels the same way about leaving the bathroom door open while taking care of business. – AOL Health

It’s Oscar week! Should the nominees for Best Actress be worried about the Best Actress Curse? – YourTango

A New Zealand radio station is offering a Ukranian mail-order bride as a prize in a contest. And this is different from sex trafficking how…? – The Frisky

It’s (really not that) Complicated. Really. – College Candy

Happy belated Lady Porn Day! – My Daily

Biggest news item of the day: Obama declares the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional; the Department of Justice will no longer defend it. Victory dance! – Buzzfeed More »

Coffee and Chocolate… hmmm

Coffee and Chocolate... hmmm

“Sitting around after dinner can be so much more interesting if you serve these delicate treats with your coffee. Leonidas’ Napolitain Sampler Ballotin is filled with an assortment of our newest pieces. Unwrap and sample each colorful square and choose … More »