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The Obsession With Penis Size Is Heartbreaking And Inescapable

The Obsession With Penis Size Is Heartbreaking And Inescapable

An excerpt from God’s Doodle: The Life and Times of the Penis by Tom Hickman, available now from Soft Skull Press that was published on Slate taught me a number of things. One of those things is that I’m definitely buying that book. Another, that human penises, in relation to the human body, are big compared to other animal penises. Among many facts about penises, the big thing I learned from the excerpt is that the male relationship with the member is just as upsetting as Freud made it out to be. The way men feel about penis size is comparable to any other issue of body image. My heart breaks for dudes both big and small. More »

Outer Beauty: My Size Shouldn’t Determine Who I Date

 Outer Beauty:  My Size Shouldn't Determine Who I Date

Mopeds are fun recreational vehicles that serve as an alternative to, say, riding a scooter for transportation. However, while being fun, they look a bit silly if one were to ride around in public for everyone to see. And, according to society, that’s me. A moped. Due to my figure I’ve been dubbed fun to ride, but you don’t what your buddies to see. And that’s not okay with me. More »

Outer Beauty: I’m A 350 Pound Weight Loss Blogger

 Outer Beauty:  I'm A 350 Pound Weight Loss Blogger

I am a weight loss blogger and I love my body. I weigh 350 pounds. I am 5’8 and 23 years old. This month I took my measurements. 58-51-67. I even applied to be on a weight loss show and I think the principle reason I didn’t get picked is because I don’t fit the “sad fat person” stereotype that reality television exploits. I’m a large person who isn’t depressed or sad or even unhappy with what I look like, and I’m sure to most that’s a bit confusing. More »

Marie Claire, Why Did You Write A Piece About Hating Fat People?

Marie Claire, Why Did You Write A Piece About Hating Fat People?

So, hey. How are things going? Is it nice where you are? Do they still have the sushi chef? How about the Orangina? Good news, our office rat problem is almost under control, and we haven’t found rodents in any of our purses in weeks!

Anyhow, Marie Claire editors, I figure you have all those things because you’re really good about knowing what articles to run, and don’t just sit around talking to Ashley about whether or not advertisers would be cool with you making a gallery about how to shoplift effectively (We want to call it “Fuck Department Stores: A Guide To Getting What You DESERVE. By the way, no, the advertisers aren’t cool with it). So, that article of Maura Kelly’s you ran about fat people entitled “Should Fatties Get A Room” because Maura Kelly hated seeing fat people… exist, basically… that was there for a really good reason, right?

Like, see, it’s this paragraph that has me confused. More »