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Party Favors: Skinny Jeans? Psh, We Much Prefer Yoga Pants

Party Favors: Skinny Jeans? Psh, We Much Prefer Yoga Pants

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Shopping Guide: Awesome Printed Jeans & Pants (So You Can Ride The Trend In Style)

Shopping Guide: Awesome Printed Jeans & Pants (So You Can Ride The Trend In Style)

Okay, look: printed jeans (and cords and trousers) are verging on annoying trend territory (maybe not far off trends-that-need-to-die territory) but the fact of the matter is… we love them. We love them a lot. They are surprisingly versatile, incredibly easy to style–a solid color top and cool ankle boots, you say?–and they look so fresh. Which is to say, even if they seem dated in six months, we won’t care because we’ll still be wearing them. Here’s a bunch of good ones, starting at $24.80 and topping out around $400. More »

Gallery: 10 Articles Of Clothing That Can Kill You

Gallery: 10 Articles Of Clothing That Can Kill You

Did you know your beloved tapered pants are slowly draining the life out of you like a sexy, slimming anaconda? It’s true; the Wall Street Journal said so. Furthermore, did you know there are loads of even worse things coming that will kill you even faster and more effectively? Trends are great like that, always trying to top each other. Here are ten articles of clothing (both currently popular, and coming in 2013) that will almost definitely inflict severe harm on that frail physical vessel you call a body. You’ve been warned. More »

My Town Thinks I’m A Style Icon For Wearing Skinny Jeans

My Town Thinks I'm A Style Icon For Wearing Skinny Jeans

I’ve spent almost my entire life living smack dab in the middle of fly-over territory. That’s right, when the first in-flight movie ends as you’re travelling between NYC and LA, look down and wave. I’ll feel the love.

So in my nice little town, I’m sure you can imagine that fashion have the influence that it does in bigger cities. This morning, the woman next to me at Starbucks was wearing Vans-inspired platform tennis shoes. She wasn’t being ironic. I’m currently wearing a respectable pair of Michael Kors brown leather boots that I got on sale at Zappos. This apparently makes me one of the most fashionable women in my city. Seriously. More »

How To Wear Colored Jeans

How To Wear Colored Jeans

We recently went to an NYDJ event where we got our first pair of colored jeans (and you can get a pair, too, if you like us on Facebook. Go here!) They’re really pretty! Now they hang in my closet, where I stare at them and ask them questions like “colored jeans, how can I wear you and look neither like a hipster nor a merciless carricature of the entire 1980′s?” The jeans don’t say anything, because they’re going through a difficult phase (that’s a polite way of saying they’re assholes who never take our calls, just hang out all day, drinking, probably). Since the jeans themselves offer no useful advice, we’ve come up with some theories you might find helpful. More »

Party Favors: Boys Dressed Like Girls

Party Favors: Boys Dressed Like Girls

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