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Illustrated Guide: What To Do If Someone’s Sleeping In Your Bed

Illustrated Guide: What To Do If Someone's Sleeping In Your Bed

Recently, a lady friend of mine expressed that she’s enjoying the newfound freedom of being single (i.e., doing it with whoever she pleases) but she can’t get comfortable sleeping beside effective strangers. Soon after, another lady friend of mine shared the sentiment: the only real bummer to no-strings-attached sex is the problem of what to do after. Kick him out? Move to the couch? Alienate him until he flees? To aid my nice lady friends, I have written and illustrated this helpful guide, “What To Do If Someone’s Sleeping In Your Bed” (and, also, how to get them the hell out). A lot of it is conjecture, but feel free to try. More »

Tales From Women Who Work The Night Shift

Tales From Women Who Work The Night Shift

When Dolly Parton sings about workin’ 9 to 5, most of us think about a workday that starts in the morning and ends in the evening. But what about people who start work at 9 pm? About one-fifth of Americans work at least some of the time at night, whether in rotating shift or a regular overnight schedule. I talk to some of them to find out what they liked about it (relaxing while everyone else works) and what they hated (several people told me it ruined their sex lives) — not to mention the “perpetually hungover” feeling that comes with maintaining a bizarro sleep schedule. More »

Party Favors: W Magazine Editorials Need More Dueling

Party Favors: W Magazine Editorials Need More Dueling

Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender cover the latest issue of W, engaged in a dreamy fencing match. -Fashion Indie

The woman at the center of the ongoing lawsuit against Dov Charney thought his abuse was “normal.” -Styleite

Poll: would you rather have good sleep or good sex? -The Frisky

Check out this round-up of cool/bizarre lightweight leather and suede for Spring. -The Inside Source

The Julian Louie for Aldo shoe collection drops tomorrow. -Refinery29

Science says drink more coffee! -MyDaily More »

Gallery: It’s November! Let’s Celebrate!

Gallery: It's November! Let's Celebrate!

Why is November the greatest month of them all? Because it’s the month of Thanksgiving, one of the best holidays ever. But did you also know there’s also plenty of other things to celebrate in November? November is National Peanut Butter Lovers month which is perfect because I am a national peanut butter lover! And to celebrate I will be eating all things peanut butter all day until December 1. Peanut butter cookies, cupcakes, Reese’s, sandwiches, ice cream, sushi and pad Thai (yep, there’s peanuts in it which makes it even better). But because there’s people out there who are ever so unfortunately allergic to peanuts, the holiday creating geniuses of the world are allowing us to celebrate these awesome things for the next 30 days of November. More »