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8 Beauty Tricks You Should Do While You’re Sleeping

8 Beauty Tricks You Should Do While Youâre Sleeping

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I’m not the best sleeper, but I do like to make the most out of the few hours of sleep I actually manage to get. Beauty sleep is a real thing, believe it or not. When you sleep, your body recharges and works some scientific magic on your hair, skin, nails and insides. That’s why when you don’t sleep, your body takes it out on you in the form of eye bags and dull hair. More »

How To Cuddle All Night Without Your Arm Falling Asleep

How To Cuddle All Night Without Your Arm Falling Asleep

I once dated someone, and fell asleep laying on his arm. “Oh, no,” I said, ‘I’m going to cut off the circulation in your arm.”

“Careful,” he replied, “I think Sloane Crosley has that phrase copyrighted for her 17th book.”

Sloane Crosely’s 17th book “I’m Going To Cut Off The Circulation In Your Arm” will seem irrelevant after you read this guide, illustrated with my badly drawn stick figures. You’ll never lose circulation again! More »

Party Favors: Prince William’s Hypothetical Future Mistresses

Party Favors: Prince William's Hypothetical Future Mistresses

Screw the royal wedding – it’s all about guessing who future royal mistresses might be. – Dumb As a Blog

If you’re still new to the world of sexting, have no fear: here’s a primer on how to do it. – YourTango

There’s a disease that makes some men sick right after they have sex. It’s an allergy to their own semen. Yes, you read that correctly. – AOL Health

Too tired to get it on? These tips will keep you from passing out halfway through sex. – Betty Confidential

Some couples spend Valentine’s Day at a bed and breakfast or an expensive restaurant. And some people go to White Castle. – Consumerist

More brilliance from Jersey Shore: you should wear a “mind condom” if you think you’re being fucked in the head. – The Frisky More »

Party Favors: A Guide to Sleep Sex

Party Favors: A Guide to Sleep Sex

Here’s some sex advice from flight attendants. Surprisingly, the topic of how best to sex Ralph Fiennes in a bathroom is not covered. – Nerve

Is this a picture of Stephanie Seymour making out with her son? For everyone’s sake, we hope not. – The Frisky

Finally, sex tips everyone can use: how to have sleep-sex with your partner. – Crushable

The “sex toy queen of Britain” survived multiple poisoning attempts by her kids’ nanny. It probably helped that the nanny attempted to use salt, sugar, and windshield-wiper fluid as poisons. – Yahoo!

Snooki’s long-awaited novel A Shore Thing features a date rape scene. – Jezebel More »