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It’s Time To Stop Pretending Secondhand Smoke Isn’t Child Abuse

Itâs Time To Stop Pretending Secondhand Smoke Isnât Child Abuse

Many people struggle with an addiction to smoking cigarettes and parents aren’t immune. As difficult as it may be for non-smokers to understand, quitting the habit doesn’t suddenly become easier just because you find out you’re pregnant or become a parent. Lots of people still light up around their kids, even though they’re well aware of the studies that prove it’s damaging not just for them, but also for their children. The question is, does that constitute abuse? More »

Party Favors: Attention Smokers: Kicking The Habit Just Got Even Harder

Party Favors: Attention Smokers: Kicking The Habit Just Got Even Harder

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Courtney Love Did A Commercial For Those Weird Electronic Cigarettes

Courtney Love Did A Commercial For Those Weird Electronic Cigarettes

Courtney Love is on a roll lately, endorsement deal-wise. In addition to starring in the new  YSL campaign for expensive clothes based on the cheap clothes she used to wear, she’s also gone and done her first(!) commercial for a product that perfectly encapsulates what the famed Hole frontwoman means to us in 2013: the e-cig. You know, as in electronic cigarettes, as in those strange metal tubes with the blue light on the end you see people sucking on indoors at parties. More »

Was Kate Moss Once A Danger To Society?

Was Kate Moss Once A Danger To Society?

Here’s a history lesson for you: on this day in 2007, the Scottish health minister Andy Kerr decided he was done with just sitting back and watching Kate Moss being so ”blasé” about smoking in public. Kerr’s concern was for the legions of people, teenagers especially, who look up to Kate and might be thinking that picking up a cigarette is “cool.” Well, kids, it’s not “cool” and Kate is “uncaring” for living her life as she chooses. More »

LeAnn Rimes’ Smoking, Pregnant Bride Costume: Funny Or Dumb?

LeAnn Rimesâ Smoking, Pregnant Bride Costume: Funny Or Dumb?

This is a post from our sister site, Blisstree.

I’m a fan of LeAnn Rimes cheeky chain-smoking, beer-guzzling pregnant bride costume. The country singer and her husband Eddie Cibrian—in camo pants and a perfectly-redneck barbed-wire temporary tattoo—certainly trash up well.

Given Rimes’ country roots—plus the media scrutiny she’s recieved over everything from her weight to her relationships (she left her first husband for Cibrian, who was also married when the two met)—choosing to dress up as a bad news bride makes me think Rimes has a good sense of humor about things. Plus, you’ve got to admit—she’s got the hair down (also: Hello, Instagram; stars—they’re just like us!). More »

Party Favors: Considering Cigarettes

Party Favors: Considering Cigarettes

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Gallery: Cigarette Warning Labels The FDA Rejected

Gallery: Cigarette Warning Labels The FDA Rejected

As you may already know, the FDA has instituted a plan to put one of nine large, graphic warning labels on every pack of cigarettes sold in the U.S. This is meant to prevent both kids and adults from starting to smoke, as well as encouraging current smokers to quit (and/or just really bum them out) by reminding them of their impending doom. The images they chose are pretty grim, but the rejected ones make them look downright wholesome by comparison. A lot of them seem to be directed specifically towards women; does the FDA think women will be more receptive to its message than men? Let’s take a look. More »