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Party Favors: When Snakes Get Married

Party Favors: When Snakes Get Married

These five places to meet men are especially useful because they’re places you already go to anyway. – Betty Confidential

A 16 foot long python and her slightly smaller boyfriend were married a few days ago in Cambodia. Nearly 1,000 people attended. – Telegraph

10 percent of teens with STDs claimed they had been abstinent. Do we have to bring in our high school health teacher to talk about how intercourse isn’t the only kind of sex? – Double X

Technology makes dating more complicated. Here are some rules that should apply to texting, sexting, and the rest. – HowAboutWe

If you’re trying to conceive and want a girl, eat leafy greens and brown rice. If you want a boy you should probably eat snips and snails and puppy dogs’ tails. – Babble More »