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Ready-to-Click: Only Weird Ideas Today

Ready-to-Click: Only Weird Ideas Today

What is a sleeve-scarf? It’s Rocket Babies plus an infinity scarf. Learn about it. -Styleite

Talking with the brains behind A.P.C. about… quilt making? -The Inside Source

See the Kardashian baby using a cane. -Betty Confidential

Not sure where Thakoon was going with these leggings. -The Frisky

Paris Fashion Week trends that we don’t understand: snakeskin shoes. -Fashionista

Inter-species friendships. -MyDaily More »

Lust Object: Lanvin Pumps

Lust Object: Lanvin Pumps

Lanvin is on a lot of fashionable minds lately because (as you most certainly know) the H&M collection has dropped; inspiring hysteria, outrageous eBay mark-ups and even a couple rumored stabbings as the harrowing waits continued unabated this past weekend. I’m planning to sit tight for a few weeks and More »

Fergie’s 24K Gold bangle

Fergie's 24K Gold bangle

Fergie was seen leaving a studio the other day, wearing a hard-to-miss animal print outfit, slicked back hair, and trendy shades. When you’re wearing an outfit with this much going on, you really need to keep accessories simple. Fergie wore … More »