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Real Talk: What To Never Text Your Significant Other

Real Talk: What To Never Text Your Significant Other

We understand you never want to talk on the phone again, never, not as long as you live. That’s totally understandable. Everyone wants to stay in contact, no one wants to be interrupted. We get where you’re coming from on that. However, if you are going to use text as your only means of communication, do it right. We talked to some men and women about what they hate most, text-wise. More »

Don’t Have A Significant Other? Cloud Girlfriend Will Make You One.

Don't Have A Significant Other? Cloud Girlfriend Will Make You One.

Remember back in junior high when you made up a boyfriend and said he lived in Canada? Was that you, or an episode of The Brady Bunch ? I can’t remember! But I suppose, at some times, everyone probably wishes they had a super attractive significant other for vanity reasons. Sometimes we don’t need a relationship, but it would still be fun to have someone to make your ex jealous with, or stop your Grandmother from questioning whether you’re ever going to settle down.

But I guess there’s a line between bringing a good looking male friend to your high school reunion and letting people imagine he might be your boyfriend, and<a href=" More »

A Mom’s Guide to Social Networking

A Mom's Guide to Social Networking

Today’s young mothers have a lot of difficult decisions to make: work or stay at home, bottle or breast milk, free-range or attachment. For me, I find that it’s a balancing act. From the very beginning, I realized that the easiest way for me was to combine all those mothering philosophies into something usable. It resulted with Brenna learning to love both fresh fruits and french fries. She really is her mother’s daughter. More »

Party Favors: Let’s Have Sex, Facebook Friend

Party Favors: Let's Have Sex, Facebook Friend

We want prenup! Or do we? Here are some myths and facts about prenuptial agreements. – Betty Confidential

You’re more likely to have first-date sex with someone you follow on Twitter or are friends with on Facebook, because you feel like you know them better than you actually do. – New York Post

Among the nominees for Worst Couple or Ensemble at this year’s Razzie Awards: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in Twilight and the entire cast of Sex and the City 2.Socialite Life

Before you agree to disagree, check out this list of ways that you can have healthy arguments. – YourTango

Afraid that dudes who have seen No Strings Attached will think all women want to be friends with benefits? Here’s how you can bust that myth without having to sing Kelly Clarkson’s “I Do Not Hook Up” at karaoke. – The Frisky

A German dentist has come up with a way to distract you from all the pain you’re in: she and her staffers all wear low-cut dresses. – Austrian Times More »

Modern Etiquette: Why You Can’t Solve Problems on Twitter

Modern Etiquette: Why You Can't Solve Problems on Twitter

Earlier this year, singer/celebutante Kelly Osbourne and her then-fiance, model Luke Worrall, split up. The split was messy, with Kelly accusing Luke of cheating on her. Now, she has taken to her Twitter account to bash Luke and talk about what a bad guy he is. Although it should seem quite clear that Twitter is not a good way to deal with interpersonal issues, Kelly’s recent behavior makes me think that this concept could stand to be reiterated. So here goes. More »