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Vogue’s Olympic Issue: Celebrating Male Athletes and Female…Models

Vogueâs Olympic Issue: Celebrating Male Athletes and Femaleâ¦Models

Vogue‘s June issue is a special Olympic-themed issue, devoted to celebrating the athletes with shoots like Annie Leibowitz‘s “Country Strong” and Bruce Weber‘s “Wonder Women.” But from the cover–which features Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte flanked by Hope Solo and Serena Williams—to the shoots, it’s hard not to notice how strongly the issue glorifies male athletes…and female models. Not only are the female athletes given far less ink (each male athlete gets two photos, while the female athletes each get one), but the photos chosen for the magazine practically try to hide them beneath giant props and vast expanses of sky, while model Karlie Kloss gets far more attention for posing languidly beside America’s top male Olympic hopefuls in designer clothing. More »

Gallery: Fun Sports For Girls, According To The Internet

Gallery: Fun Sports For Girls, According To The Internet

Last night, while talking to my roommate about how we might be able to get some exercise without running in place at the gym like a couple of goddamn hamsters in a wheel, I started Googling around the internet for suggestions. Terms searched included “fun sports for girls,” “women’s exercise fun,” and “how to get exercise without wanting to kill myself.” The answers I came up with were varied and exciting. Perhaps I’ll even try one of them. More »

Gallery: Let’s All Criticize Stella McCartney’s New Olympic Uniforms

Gallery: Let's All Criticize Stella McCartney's New Olympic Uniforms

Stella McCartney unveiled her newly designed uniforms for the UK’s Olympic and Paralympic teams today, and to judge from some of the internet comments I’ve been reading, she made them out of clubbed baby seals dipped in radioactive shit. But while I think they are absolutely fine for something you wear while playing sports, it’s fun to take the piss out of things just for the heck of it. Can I be more ridiculous than the people who are sincerely angry at her? I don’t know, but I’m sure going to try. (I’m sorry, Stella.) More »