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‘Stand Tall, Get Snapped’: Photographer Edo Zollo Seeks To Destigmatize People Living With HIV

'Stand Tall, Get Snapped': Photographer Edo Zollo Seeks To Destigmatize People Living With HIV

Living with HIV is a frightening prospect, but millions of people do so every day. For some, the stigma accompanying their status is even more terrifying: people can be cruel, demeaning and afraid of those with HIV, treating them as though they are less than human or that they are to blame for the condition. Photographer Edo Zollo seeks to change these misconceptions through his series, “Stand Tall, Get Snapped.” More »

Alcohol Makes Everyone Want Unsafe Sex (Not Just Irresponsible Sluts)

Alcohol Makes Everyone Want Unsafe Sex (Not Just Irresponsible Sluts)

A new study says that alcohol consumption ups your chances of having unsafe sex…It’s not rocket science, but it could help clear up some misconceptions about the “kind” of people who forego condoms and spread HIV and other STDs. In the past, researchers have questioned whether it’s alcohol, or the personalities of the people drinking the alcohol, that make for irresponsible mating. But researchers at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health say pretty much anyone who’s had more than four or five drinks is more likely to have unsafe sex.

In the study, researchers randomly assigned participants to a drinking or sober group, and asked them to rate their intention to have unprotected sex. The more alcohol they consumed, the greater their intention; at 0.1 mg/mL blood alcohol level, the likelihood of engaging in unsafe sex was up by 5%. More »

Why Prudes Have All The Fun

Why Prudes Have All The Fun

There’s an article up over on College Candy about how sluts have all the fun. What? Just because they look great in tank tops? No! They don’t even know what fun is. Prudes are having all the fun. Sluts do not have time for all the fun! And one day, prudes will have all the cats! All the cats! Here is why being a prude is the funnest. More »

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