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7 Supermodels With Notoriously Bad Attitudes

7 Supermodels With Notoriously Bad Attitudes

Earlier today, fashion photographer Bruce Weber revealed that the only model he’s ever kicked off set was (his now-friend) Cindy Crawford–the two were working on a Revlon shoot back in the day and apparently the young supermodel was so rude to the crew that Weber lost his temper and sent her home. Crawford in her ’90s heyday could get away with just about anything, though, so the ejection probably came as a cruel surprise.

Of course, this one little anecdote doesn’t qualify Crawford for the pantheon of models with legendarily bad attitudes–the phone-throwing, trash-talking, always late to everything supermodels like the ones below. More »

Gallery: Kate Upton Channels La Dolce Vita In Italian Vogue

Gallery: Kate Upton Channels La Dolce Vita In Italian Vogue

As previously reported, Kate Upton scored the cover of the November issue of Italian Vogue. Now, the entire editorial has hit the internet, and it’s every bit as gorgeous as the cover hinted it would be. Shot by the great Steven Meisel, this spread oozes old Hollywood glamor of the kind embodied by Anita Ekberg in Fellini‘s 1960 classic La Dolce Vita. Click through to gaze upon its sumptuousness. More »

Gallery: Here’s Kate Upton’s First Full Spread In American Vogue

Gallery: Here's Kate Upton's First Full Spread In American Vogue

About four months after publishing a single, novel photo of Kate Upton wearing lots of clothes alongside some teasing copy that pondered whether she’d ever make it as a fashion model, American Vogue has gone all in and done a full, seven photo spread of her shot by the very classy Steven Meisel. Once again, she’s wearing clothing! And not just any clothing: clothing by Donna Karan, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, etc. Why, it’s almost as if she’s a real model. She still doesn’t get to appear as just another model without commentary on her joie de vivre, but it’s a start. They even managed to keep the backhanded compliments to a minimum this time. How very. Personally, I’m starting to think being the Kate Upton kind of model is just a little bit more fun than being the regular kind, even if she’s not as artsy-fartsy. More »

Vogue Italia EIC Insists That Controversial “Haute Mess” Editorial Isn’t Racist

Vogue Italia EIC Insists That Controversial "Haute Mess" Editorial Isn't Racist

Trouble’s still brewing over “Haute Mess,” a controversial editorial from the March issue of Vogue Italia starring, among others, covergirl Joan Smalls, Jessica Stam, Abbey Lee and Coco Rocha. Inside, the models are styled with outsized makeup and costumes, which Vogue Italia swears is in homage to “messy drag queens.” However, many noted that the models’ wigs–coupled with fast food, pregnancy bellies, gold teeth, Colt 45 and the overall theme of trashy glitz–felt more than a little classist. If not more than a little racist… More »