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Style Icon : Phyllis Nefler, Troop Beverly Hills

 Style Icon :  Phyllis Nefler,  Troop Beverly Hills

It’s insane that Troop Beverly Hills exists. I mean, it’s insane by today’s standards given that the premise is basically that “people are mean to heroic rich pretty girls who loves shopping.” At one point, Shelley Long says:

“I’m sure it’s very nice to know how to live in the forest and eat bark but I’m going to show you girls how to survive in the wild of Beverly Hills.”

And then, I kid you not, Kumbaya plays while they all get pedicures and eat croissants at Christophe.

They make up a jewelry appreciation patch.

It’s so beautiful.

It’s pretty hard to put into words how much I love this movie. I have decided to leave your world and live inside it. First, I will give you this style guide, complete with quotes. More »

Vote: Pippa Middleton Vs. Kate Middleton

Vote: Pippa Middleton Vs. Kate Middleton

Perhaps you have read The Hunger Games where teenagers are pitted against one another in a bloody battle to the death. This is like that. Actually, it’s more like Thunderdome, but I’ve made that joke 721 times, and I really wanted to shake things up a little bit. There can only be one victor in the Middleton Sister Beauty And Style Battle. If Pippa wins we might make her one of our style icons. MAYBE. More »