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The Most And Least Encouraging Parts Of Elle‘s Big Career Survey

The Most And Least Encouraging Parts Of Elle's Big Career Survey

Earlier this week, Elle Magazine released its 2013 Power Survey, a collection of career-related statistics collected with the help of the Center for American Progress. For this report, Elle and the CAP polled a large number of respondents on questions relating to work, parenting, discrimination, and more, with a particular focus on women’s issues. The findings ranged from vaguely encouraging to downright depressing; here are the ones that stood out most to me. More »

Seven Possible Reasons Why Women Are More Tired Than Men

Seven Possible Reasons Why Women Are More Tired Than Men

If you’ve ever felt like you’re less well-rested than your male partner, you’re not alone. According to a report released by the Center for Disease Control, women feel tired at significantly higher rates than men do. Looking at the CDC’s recent survey, 15% of all women report feeling tired or exhausted most of the time, while only 10% of men do. This gap widens for the 18-44 age group (which really seems like it should be at least two age groups), in which 16% of women but only 9% of men report those nagging feelings of sleepiness. Things only start to even out again once people reach retirement age. So what gives?

I guess the obvious answer would be “despite women’s increased role in the workplace, household duties are still not equitably distributed,” but let’s dig a little deeper, shall we? Here are seven possible reasons why women are the sleepier sex. More »

Survey Says A Man’s Favorite Sexual Position Is… Surprising

Survey Says A Man's Favorite Sexual Position Is... Surprising

Esquire came out with their annual sex survey today and it’s got a little of everything: depressing (34% of men in committed relationships have cheated on their current partner), interesting (14% of married men have had at least one sexual encounter with another man), stupid (11% don’t seem to give a shit about condoms?) but perhaps most interesting is their response to the question of favorite sexual position. More »