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Rhinestone Tights OK For Everyone

Rhinestone Tights OK For Everyone

Apparently, tights adorned with rhinestones are no longer relegated to Rockettes, Lady Gaga, and sixth graders performing in year-end dance recitals. They’re now gracing the pages of Vogue – and in this case, they’re not just cheap old rhinestones, they’re Swarovski crystals, on hosiery by Zac Posen.

What does this mean? Well, it means that when you get drunk and fall down into a pile of slushy, dirty snow in front of your taxicab this year, you won’t just be ruining something that you dug out of your closet from Halloween, circa 2007. You’ll be ruining the most expensive thing you own! Well played. More »

Ready-to-Click: Katy Perry’s Glamorous Growths

Ready-to-Click: Katy Perry's Glamorous Growths

The “Teenage Dream” singer’s mouth is 150 Swarovski crystals worth of weird. -People

Since a lot of people would buy anything Natalia Vodianova is selling, it sounds like Russia will host the World Cup. -Modelinia

Angelina Jolie will collaborate on a jewelry line. Someone has likely beaten me to a joke about blood vial necklaces. -WWD

Isabel Toledo has designed… a candle. -T Magazine

Another non sequitur designer collaboration, Jessica Simpson’s pile of gold, Gisele to breed again, and More »